WordPress Maintenance Plans

Maintain Your Sanity

We understand that you have a business to run, and getting caught up in the tediousness of WordPress is probably not at the top of your list. That’s okay – let us take care of your WordPress website. One of the best ways of protecting your WordPress website from hackers is to have the latest version of WordPress, its plugins, and themes installed. Failure to update your WordPress website exposes you and your customers. Our WordPress maintenance service will update your WordPress website whenever there is a new version available – and much more. We take the worry out of running your WordPress website!

WordPress Maintenance Features

24/7 WordPress Security Monitoring

Let’s face it, bad things can happen, but with our real-time antivirus and malware scanner, we can help to protect your WordPress website from SPAM, viruses, malware, and vulnerabilities.

24/7 WordPress Uptime Monitoring

We monitor the uptime of more than just our servers. We also monitor the uptime of your WordPress website. If there is a corrupt file, or a DDOS attack, or any other issue, we will be notified, and take immediate action to address it.

Nightly WordPress Cloud Backups

We backup your entire WordPress website nightly using the Google Cloud for remote backups. There are a plethora of reasons why you would want or need a backup, and if/when you do, with one click we can restore your WordPress website.

Managed Theme Updates

WordPress theme updates are often overlooked, but failure to update your theme(s) - even the ones you’re not actively using, you’re leaving your website and customers vulnerable. With our managed WordPress theme updates, you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Managed WordPress Updates

One of the best ways of protecting your WordPress website from hackers is to have the latest version of WordPress installed. Failure to update your WordPress website exposes you and your customers. We will update your WordPress installation whenever there is a new version available.

Managed Plugin Updates

WordPress plugins are constantly updating. To help protect your website and customers from hackers you need to be running the latest and most secure plugin versions. With our managed plugin updates, you can breathe easier knowing that we’ll update all of your plugins as soon as they become available.

Beyond Basic Maintenance

Our basic maintenance plan is great for managing WordPress updates, but what if you need maintenance services that aren’t covered under our plan? What if you need someone to add a new page, or to add a new feature? What if you need an on-demand webmaster that can manage your website exactly as you need it?

The solution is simple – purchase blocks of time from us. Our dedicated WordPress professionals are here to assist you with updating and managing your WordPress website. From updating your website with content that you give us, to creating new pages, or helping you learn WordPress better – we’re here for you.

Within the Client Area of our website, you can submit new requests or assign tasks to us that you need completed. If there is a request that you send us that will take longer than your remaining allotment of time, then we’ll let you know, and you can then opt to buy more time if you wish. For larger projects, we may require a separate contract for fulfillment. Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the needs of your project.

Your time never expires until you use it, and you’re not locked into a subscription for our blocks of time. Simply pay for the time you need when you need it. Let us be your on-demand webmaster.

Block 30m

  • 30 minutes of time


One Time Cost

Block 3h

  • 3 hours of time


One Time Cost

NOTE: Each plan supports only one domain / WordPress website. If you need a multi-site plan, or a discount for multiple WordPress websites, please feel free to contact us.

Need More Hours?

We offer blocks of additional hours for all of your WordPress website maintenance, design and development needs. Contact Us